Thursday, July 21, 2011

Manufacturing and Exporting Biomass to the World

We Export Biomass to the World
EnergyPointe Partners and its affiliates work extensively with Native American Tribes in the United States.  We collaboratively develop and implement strategic business relationship to help the Tribes diversify their economies.  This work has made available to us, over 1,000,000 acres of standing forest and many hundreds of thousands of acres of open land with unlimited water resources in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Arizona and California. 

There are very significant tax advantages to joint venturing projects with United States Tribes.  Certain Tribes own and operate deep ocean ports on the Pacific Coast.

The available standing forest can be harvested and converted to “woody” biomass for production of bio-fuels, syngas and other energy products.  With unlimited water resources, we can grow industrial-scale organic crops such as Miscanthus for harvest and conversion to biomass.

This biomass is available for export from the United States to countries around the world.

We are seeking  (i) equity investment to help develop and bring these resources into full production; and (ii) individuals and corporations who require long-term industrial-scale supplies of quality biomass.

If this is of interest, please email your comments and questions to:

Jim Alekson
EnergyPointe Partners LLC
Alekson Development Group LLC

Telephone: (206) 898-5869
Fax: (425) 644-7526



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